{9} NewYork- European Inspired Chic For The Lady In Waiting (or not!)

Friday, January 10, 2014

Creating this post has been one of my most enjoyable blogging experiences, from start to finish. Last summer, I met Lucy Rosenthal, co-owner of {9} New York, at a West Side rooftop soiree (yes, it was as glam as it sounds). Being a great friend of my sis-in-law and a fan of my blog, we immediately hit it off, and after some cocktails and laughter, it was decided that we would definitely have to do a collaboration.

Several months later we finally pulled the idea together and set a date on the calendar for a fun photo shoot with the talented Naomi Novak-Poznanski of An Eye for Art Photography (516-582-2481). 

The first thing I experienced when I walked into {9} New York was the crisp, spa-like interior that made me want to settle in for a long soothing afternoon of shopping. Then I noticed the beautiful clothing; a collection of classically elegant pieces that were so inviting,  I wanted to try them all. And I'm not even pregnant!

It was based on that experience that we came up with the idea to do a photo shoot modeling a selection of some of {9} New York's best pieces maternity-style vs. non-maternity-style. Lucy's gorgeous friend Sarah Rosenberg happily agreed to strap on the baby bump and be the faux-pregnant model. And the fun began!
Dresses: {9} New York
Sharon's wig: Freeda, Booties: Saint Laurent

But first, let me tell your a little background about {9} New York.  

Lucy explained that in her previous job as someone who helped design bridal gowns, her clients would come back to complain about how disappointed they were with the lack of beautifully crafted maternity clothing.  And then, when she herself was expecting and living in New York, she truly understood the frustration of those women. The lack of quality maternity clothing available was the last things a pregnant woman wanted to deal with when she was already dealing with the changes in her body.  As someone who grew up in London with an extensive background in fashion, she had friends from Antwerp and Paris who always looked so chic and stylish during their pregnancies and knew there had to be better options out there. Why shouldn't a pregnant woman have the same fashion options as a non-pregnant woman?
Dress: {9} New York
Sharon's Bag: ZAC Zac Posen
Sarah's Shoes: Chanel

Soon after, Lucy met her partner Margo through a mutual friend, and they decided to open 9New York to fill this much needed gap in the market. They were inspired by Madison Avenue's chic Liz Lange maternity, and created a similar shopping experience with an emphasis on catering to the more modest shoppers of The Five Town's Central Avenue. 

     "We did a lot of research and found some amazing companies that were fashion forward, on trend with the softest, luxurious feeling fabrics.  I have a rule that if I would not wear an item of clothing when I'm not pregnant, I will not buy it for the store.  We wanted to have a boutique that was a one stop shop. Being pregnant can be exhausting and I wanted our customers to have access to everything in one place - as one of our customers exclaimed, 'It's like a mini department store!'"     

     "We carry ready to wear for Shabbos and week-day, evening wear, lingerie, pajamas, swimwear, gym clothing and coats. We even carry the jewelry, scarves, belts and bags to fully complete each outfit. We also offer a range of lotions and potions from award winning European companies for items such as anti-stretch mark cream and a revitalizing spray for tired swollen feet."
Dress and accessories:{ 9 }New York

{9} New York is way more than just a maternity boutique, it's a white and bright shopping destination decorated by Lucy herself, with references to her and Margo's backgrounds, where the colors of the clothing pop, and the customers feel like they're shopping their best friend's closet. There's truly something for everyone.

    "We also buy clothing from non maternity designers, although everything we buy will always work if you are pregnant - like this fur vest that has a ribbed knit back that will stretch over a growing belly."

     Dress, fur vest, and scarf:{ 9} New York

     "Consequently, approximately half of our customers are not even pregnant; they love the clothes (even the maternity ones) as well as the accessories. I feel that it's an accomplishment if a non pregnant woman wants to actually shop in a maternity store!  We actually like to call ourselves a "transitional lifestyle store" as we really do not fit into any one category. "

And {9} New York even has a layette department full of gifts, clothes and diaper bags from top European designers, plus a full range of Mustela products for babies. 

Walk into {9} New York and you'll be guaranteed a fun and friendly European inspired fashion experience.
Dress: {9} New York

Shop the clothing featured on this blog (and more) at 
{9} New York
 422 Central Avenue
Cedarhurst, NY 
(516) 569-7900

Follow 9 New York on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM

The gorgeous photography featured here is by Naomi Novak-Poznanski of An Eye for Art Photography who specializes in custom newborn and family portraiture. 
For an appointment call 516-582-2481

So what's up next for {9} New York?  A brand new e-commerce site which will hopefully launch in the next few weeks.  Stay tuned…

Sending you all love and gratitude and wishes for a wonderful weekend!

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  1. It's funny how she's not really pregnant but gives that I don't feel like smiling face through the photos. Bless her!! The clothes are gorgeous, definitely will make any pregnant women feel much better!! Gorgeous photos doll. I hope you have a fabulous weekend xx

  2. Hello Sharon! this is a great post and not only because I am 27 weeks pregnant...((:
    First, I have to say that being a European Canadian and fashion stylist ...I always look great when pregnant ((: sorry about the confidence but it is true. Since a little girl I would not leave the house or my room looking less than "hot and smashing" ((:
    But Yes, maternity clothing is not exactly fab in North America from my experience and I don't even go to those maternity stores because it is scary. This what you are showing us today, is a great help and resource for all women that don't know how to dress when pregnant...I will check it out...Personaly love the last dress and stretchy fabrics are my favorite during pregnancy (:
    big hug Z

  3. What wonderful post to show women you can be sexy pregnant as well! The outfits looked great on both of you! Now you have to teach me how to walk in those heels my dear.. even at 48 I still havent mastered that art!!!

  4. You look so beautiful in these clothes and love seeing you both in them - happy Sunday!!

  5. Happy New Year! It certainly is an accomplishment if women who are not pregnant shop in the store. I can see why with these attractive styles. The outfits looked lovely on bith of you.