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Sunday, January 05, 2014

I have great news for all of you fabulous Long Island Fashion-isha readers: There's a new salon coming to town! Right about now you're all probably itching for some pampering…perhaps a little escape from this FREEZING claustrophobic winter. Well Devoris salon is opening just in time!

Devori Tyrnauer, owner of Devori's salon knows all about how important it is for a woman to look and feel her best. Ever since she was little, she loved beauty and fashion, and understood that a woman's desire to look beautiful is not a negative, but rather a way for her to feel her best. And when we feel our best we can be the best we can be.

Devori wanted to create a warm and intimate environment for women to escape to; a one stop oasis to take care of every beauty need for every type of woman.  Devori's salon will be the destination for all of your Simcha styling needs too. Imagine having all your appointments...wig and hairstyling, manicures, makeup, eyebrow waxing, and more...all booked at one spot. And you get to choose if you want your services done at the salon or a different location of your choice. 
 What sets Devori apart from other stylists is that she understands how difficult it can be for some women to cover their hair, and uses her creative flair to create unique and artistic one-of-a-kind hair and wig designs you haven't seen on everyone else. She will take the time to give you the care you deserve, all in an understanding and fun atmosphere.
And mark your calendars! Devori and I would like to invite you to the grand opening celebration of Devori's Salon, next Saturday night, January 11, 2014 at 585 Willow Avenue, Cedarhurst, NY (Maple Plaza). Come out for a night of cocktails and beauty, and meet artist Tanya Zbili who's work will be featured and on display at the event. 

ENTER to win a free wig or painting by Tanya Zbili by sharing this invitation on your instagram page and tagging @devorissalon

Don't you think it's time for a little escape from those boring winter blaaahs? Go ahead, stop into Devoris Salon anytime for a warm drink and some well deserved pampering!

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  1. Hi Sharon! Wishing you a very happy new year- there is alwayys room for one more great salon! Hope your new year is filled with much happiness, good health and laughter!! We are still in Cali but preparing ourselves to get back to the arctic freeze!! Stay warm:)

  2. Good afternoon Sharon! Oh I see our gorgeous Tina is here too!

    What fantastic photos you share today; I love that headgear the first model is wearing and the second model...what a beauty!

    I think we all are craving some kind of spa treatment. Even my hair, which is pretty thick and tough, is looking rather dry due to this infernal cold we are having:

    -50 predicted for tomorrow, all schools closed!

    Let us dream and then step out to make those dreams come true to revitalize our bodies and spirits! CHEERS! Anita

  3. Fabulous post Sharon!!!!
    These photos are great- LOVE the hair styles!!!!
    Hope you had a great day!!!!!

  4. Sounds like it will be a marvellous event!! I hope you enjoy it. Shame I didn't live closer, I would have come :) Have a gorgeous week doll xx

  5. Happy 2014 Sharon and wishing you a healthy peaceful year.
    What a great place to have in your city (: gorgeous hairstyles.
    hugs Z

  6. wonderful hair inspirations!
    followig you now!
    happy day!

  7. oh beautiful...the first photo was stunning