Shopstyle Rocks (And Sequins and Stones)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

This is a really cool post where I choose some pieces from my closet and do a real life layout on a huge white piece of paper that was sent to me by Actually I'm supposed to be in the shot, but for some reason it just didn't sit well with me, having me lying on a white paper in a sequin Ralph Lauren dress with my 12 year old daughter up on a ladder trying to get a decent shot…the things we bloggers do for a good post!

But seriously, Shopstyle has been with me, literally from the time I started blogging three years ago. I fell in love with Shopstyle because it was this amazing website where you could type in "black wedge boots," choose your size, heel height, and price range, and then every black wedge boot in the universe would pop up. And you all know I love me my black wedge boots!
But wait! That isn't all. You can then save your favorites and create these fabulous style boards using those chosen pieces and more. And then you get to share them and get this amazing feedback. I remember being a shopstyle blogger before I was a real blogger.  What a great springboard it was for me!

So why all the sequins? Well I have this unexplainable attraction to all things sparkly (my daughter once expressed to me that I must have missed out on that bling stage in my 'tween years so now I'm making up for it…um, I guess I was more obsessed with big hair products than bling in the 80's).

So, since I obviously have this obsession with shiny, shimmery things, I decided to go with a 'sparkly' theme for this post. I raided my closets and drawers and arranged a chaotic mess of sequins, beads, rhinestones, and such. I threw in my Ted Baker floral skirt for color, and also because it's absolutely my favorite item of clothing right now.
Everything in this layout has a story. There's the BCBG sequin pleated skirt I got from my daughter, the Brian Atwood sparkly shoes I got in Tampa when my husband was at the Republican National Convention and I had time to kill. There's that Ted Baker floral skirt, the Ralph Lauren dress that was gifted to me for covering a Ralph Lauren/MomTrends event,  the Vince Camuto booties I glammed up in a Fashion-isha DIY post. There's the green sequin top I bought in SoHo 10 minutes before I greeted Joan Rivers at our Couture for a Cause VIP event, and the necklaces gifted to me by Ruti Horn. I love what I do and I'm grateful for all of the bling…material and not…that brightens up my life!
As you can see, my daughter Simi and I had lots of fun putting this post together, and now it's your turn. Get over to and start having your own fun searching, shopping, and creating your fashion and lifestyle dreams!

Or shop some of my favorite sparkly choices from shopstyle, right here (click on items below to shop, and arrows at the side to scroll):

Here's to a sparkly day for all of us! 



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  1. Cool stuff!

  2. Sharon your wardrobe is fabulous and of course you are too!

    Kansas City Culture

  3. You have some really incredible pieces in your wardrobe!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  4. I've heard so many good things about ShopStyle. Gotta check 'em out. Your outfits look fabulous! :)

  5. Such gorgeous pieces Sharon. As always you look beyond stunning x

  6. I didn't know you could do that - what a fun idea and LOVE your board - great clothes!!

  7. Love sparklies! Dress for my daughter's wedding was taupe sequined pattern. That Ted Baker skirt looks gorgeous!