A Day of Beauty at Red Carpet Wigz

Thursday, May 08, 2014

This past Monday was the Fashion-isha/Red Carpet Wigz Day of Beauty event. When I first arrived, my cousin Malky greeted me with her signature bear hug and on that positive note the day began. 

Walking into Red Carpet Wigz is always amazing, not only because it's decorated in such a fun and cheerful way, but because the energy and vibe is always so positive and fabulous. 
Whether you're there for a new wig, a wash and set, extensions, lashes, or a makeover; you will walk out feeling happy, inspired and beautiful. And it all starts with the owners: Malky, Rini, and Brandie.
And it continues with their talented crew of amazing stylists.

A little inspiration...

Last night I was chatting with Malky, who is constantly inspiring me. We were speaking about about Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl, who famously told the Nazis (when asked why he was still smiling during such a difficult time): "You can take everything away from a man except for the last of human freedoms, the ability to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances. The ability to choose one's own way."

We all have choices about how we will react in any given situation, and Malky always chooses positivity and surrounds herself with positive people. These are the type of people you will meet at Red Carpet Wigz.

As the creative energy of the stylists, makeup artists and skincare specialists buzzed around me, I prepared to get my lashes done by Red Carpet Wigz's talented in-house makeup artist Shani Nemetsky.

As Shani connected each lash, we connected on a much deeper level. We discussed makeup and beauty and life. Shani is an artist with a lot of depth, and a seeker of meaning within beauty. We agreed that beauty without an element of meaningfulness isn't all that beautiful at all.

Although it's important to take care of yourself and do things that make you feel beautiful, it's the good deeds, kindness, and meaningful work that truly make a person beautiful from the inside.

We had fun trying on gorgeous hand crocheted jewelry...
...and skincare expert Debi Rudensky was there all day helping women find their perfect Rodan+Fields skincare regimen. Look at how young and gorgeous Debi's skin looks!

A little about Rodan+Fields:

There's a regimen for every skincare issue, whether it's acne, dark patches, wrinkles, enlarged pores, melasma, eczema, rosacia, scars, stretch marks...whatever is bothering you!

If you're ready to go to a dermatologist with your issues, save your money and try a R+F regimen first. I have yet to see one disappointed customer! 

Remember, these products are different from anything out there because they were created by the world famous dermatologists who created Proactiv. 

If they didn't work there wouldn't be a 60 day money guarantee and I wouldn't be raving about them up here on the blog!

I personally use the Reverse regimen with the Amp roller for my melasma, but its side effects have been turning my almost 46 year old skin glowy, all while firming and lifting and erasing fine lines.  It sounds impossible but it's true! And I can't wait to try Redefine

And this is the before and after picture of my erev Pesach burn and how beautifully it has healed using Rodan+Fields Soothe. I really thought I would be scarred for life, but now I am confident I will have no scar at all!
Take the first step to getting the skin of your dreams: email me at ask.fashionisha@gmail.com. I'm here to help you!

Now let's talk a little fashion...

It was so fun twinning with Abby Klein of A la Modesty! I love the way we both styled our cropped tops over button downs in our own unique ways...and it was so not planned! #bloggervalidation

All in all we had a great day and so much fun! 
Remember, beauty always starts with a smile!

Until next time,



Btw...I have been chosen as one of the volunteers to be honored at this year's Lakewood Hatzolah event for our dedication and work for the cause. Anyone interested in supporting Hatzolah and placing an ad can do it online via this link: http://www.lkwdhatzolahauction.com/prize/journal/journal-of-appreciation

Thank you and Tizku L'Mitzvot!

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  1. Sharon you are simply the best! Encouraging women always to be their best in every way. What a wonderful spot to go and be pampered so lovingly!

    Soiree by Danielle Rollins Giveaway!

  2. great post! i miss my eyelash extensions lol!


  3. great post! i miss my eyelash extensions lol!


  4. Nothing more fun than a day with the girls exploring new products and services.

  5. I love Shani's approach to conversation with clients. I'm so over the superficial, 'so, how are you?, 'had a busy day today?' type conversations. You can tell the person isn't really interested and are talking for the sake of talking. I'd rather be left to my thoughts then engage in that type of conversation during a treatment. And I adore how you talk about beauty, it's so refreshing xoxox

  6. I love getting pampered too. I love your post. Kisses from Kenya

  7. looks like a wonderful day!
    happy weekend sweety!