Fresh Summer Fashion With Under Cover Waterwear

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Summer is officially here and that means we finally get to spend some time at the pool and the beach! Woohoo!

But somehow, this is also one of the busiest times of year...with graduations, weddings, and camp coming up, there are always lots of errands to do. Real life beckons.

Hmmm...don't you wish there were stylish clothes that could multitask the way we do? Guess what? There are.

Skirt by Under Cover Waterwear

I wore this maxi skirt yesterday in the 100 degree heat and it was so cool and comfy.

Imagine an entire collection of skirts, tops and dresses that will:

1. Flatter you with a great fit while being perfectly on trend.
2. Go from the pool or beach straight to the grocery store or cafe.
3. Dry quicker than a standard bathing suit.
4. Keep you stylishly covered for modesty and sun protection.
5. Be super comfortable and affordable.

Enter Under Cover Waterwear!

I'm totally hooked. The colors, patterns and fit are amazing. I wear my Undercover Waterwear skirts all the time! I always wear them to the beach, and then straight to wherever I have to go after. During Pesach vacation, I took my grandson swimming while wearing one, and then we went straight out to lunch after. I also love wearing them on rainy days (they dry super fast), and on sunny days (they're so cool and comfortable).

Take a look:
 Swimskirts by Under Cover Waterwear, worn on the beach...
 ...and out and about. 

And now you can save 10% on your Undercover Waterwear wardrobe using coupon code ISHA10. And I say wardrobe because you'll want one of  everything!

These are not your grandma's swimsuits...these are every woman's (and girl's) modest swimsuits, resort wear, and ready to wear, all rolled into one!
Shop Under Cover Waterwear and save 10% by using code ISHA10

To see more of Fashion-isha and Under Cover Waterwear click HERE

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Or visit the retail store:

Under Cover Waterwear
1323 Ocean Parkway
Brooklyn, NY 11230

Phone: 877-613-8299

See you next time!



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  1. You look gorgeous doll, love the look :) I enjoy wearing maxi skirts or dresses in the summer as the wind moves them around quite well, keeping one cool. I hope you are well & wish you a gorgeous day xx

  2. Sharon I adore this line!! Thank you so much for the introduction!!

  3. Sharon I adore this line!! Thank you so much for the introduction!!

  4. So beautiful.the skirt is stunning
    Keep intouch

  5. Beautiful maxi skirt!

  6. Very cute, how is the sizing? Do the skirts run tight or loose?