Heels on Wheels? I Don't Think So.

Friday, June 20, 2014

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Yesterday one of my co-riders told me she's waiting for me to do a post on fashionable attire for bike riding (ha!). Then I came home and I saw this article, which made me snicker, and decided it was time to write the truth.

I want to share what my journey has been like as a busy mom and fashion blogger, training for Tour de Simcha, the bike-a-thon coming up on July 2,  that will take place in upstate New York, as we ride 70 something miles (say what??) into Camp Simcha.

It's funny that I still maintain this fantasy that I will always look like a fashion blogger, keep up with the intensive training almost daily, put away at least 1/2 of the clothes laying on my bedroom floor at any given time, be able to locate and quickly switch from heels to flats to sneakers on a whim, smell relatively presentable at all times, and keep my penchant for lots of MAC eyeliner from ever looking like I was splattered with mud or beaten black and blue.

Not happening.

It's been kind of like an oxymoron. I love to put the outfits together, do the smoky eye thing, and run around in those heels. I also love to work out hard, and challenge myself for a great cause as I watch myself transform in mind, body, and spirit. Put them together and it's a hard act to balance

I've been wondering why my bedroom floor seems to look like it belongs to a 16 year old. Here's a typical day:

Wake up, put on workout clothes because that's the first step to actually working out.

Get a phone call, miss my workout and decide to change into a #divineandrefined #lookoftheday.

Spend 45 minutes "shopping my closet" pulling half of it out and discarding the rejects on the floor.

Decide I'm wasting my day getting dressed and that I should take my own advice...it's good enough, and besides, I need another coffee. Starbucks is calling!

Put on those great shoes. I'm ready to go!

Decide to change into flats. Why do I need everyone staring at my shoes to go get coffee and groceries .

Do my errands and some work, while constantly getting interrupted as the Tour de Simcha whatsapp group buzzes away planning their daily ride.

Get FOMO,  run home, throw the D+R clothes into the pile of discards and change into my bike gear.

Ride, ride, ride. Come home sweaty, and looking like the raccoon that used to live in my attic.

Throw together dinner, jump in the shower, and get dressed for the (choose one) wedding, vort, event, party.

Come home, dump everything on the previous pile, fall into bed. I will clean up in the morning.

So no, at this time, the idea of riding a pretty, pastel bike with a basket full of flowers in fabulous heels has become quite comical to me. What do you think?
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Maybe one day I will be that woman. And maybe one day I will finally see my bedroom floor again. But meanwhile I'll just take my own advice: Whatever I'm doing...it's good enough.

Actually, it's pretty fabulous!

Have a great weekend!



(On a side note these are the things I never forget to do: 1. Drink lots of water. 2. Eat a healthy breakfast. 3. Never leave the house without wearing sunscreen. 4. Take care of my skin. I use Rodan+Fields Redefine in a.m. and Reverse in p.m. If you're interested in learning more about my skincare regimen or for a free consultation email me at ask.fashionisha@gmail.com)

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  1. I am totally with you on this!!Have a beautiful weekend!

  2. Love this article!! I live in Amsterdam and everyone bikes to work in heels!

  3. (a) you are super fabulous! and (b) BEYOND ridiculous!!! At least in North Carolina's humidity, there is absolutely no way to bike to work in heels with a dress, and a basket full of flowers. Not to mention what the helmet would do to Model #1's undo. So. Not. Happening. It's nice to dream, though!

  4. Of course you look fabulous no matter what you pull out of your closet, my friend! Heels on a bike, I don't think so!

    The Arts by Karena

  5. I love this! Like a 'Day In The Life Of...' feature. Anyway according to Karl, the sneaker is the hottest piece of footwear this season. oh and P.S. I have a pile too...and I'll never have enough hangers.