End of Summer Girl's Night Out: You're Invited!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Hey everyone! Unless you're new here you know I'm obssessed with Rodan+Fields Dermatologists. (Check out my new instagram account HERE.) And I'm here to invite you to a fun skincare event happening this Tuesday night in West Long Branch, NJ.

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As a blogger, I really wasn't looking to go into skincare or sales, especially network marketing. As a matter of fact, before R+F, I had been approached by MANY makeup and skincare companies. So why did I fall for Rodan + Fields?  The answer is simply this: The products changed my skin. They work. And just like supportive foundation pieces are essential to looking great in clothes, healthy, youthful skin is essential to looking great in makeup...or without! There is no makeup in the world that can give you the glow of truly healthy, youthful skin.

Here's the back story: There comes a time in every woman's life when even the most authentic girl will secretly start contemplating the idea of injections and fillers. I mean aging sucks. Then, when she hears she's not alone and some of her friends are already doing it, the next thing she knows she's making that fateful appointment with the dermatologist..and wondering how she got there and is this really HER? But then she tries Rodan+Fields products, and over time her skin just keeps getting better. It's really hard to gauge the change without before and after picture because, hey, when she keeps getting compliments and people keep asking her if she's been getting injections, she thinks she's just lucky. Right? But she remembers that last year at this time she wasn't waking up every day loving what she saw in the mirror first thing in the morning. She was waking up and counting down the days until she would be the one in the dermatologist's chair. When you're no longer thinking about calling the Dermatologist you know you've hit something great.

Ok. But wait...

I wasn't exactly thrilled with the idea of multi-level-marketing or network-marketing. When I thought of those type of business models* I thought of pushy and annoying saleswomen. So when I signed up I did it under this premise: I would never be pushy or annoying. I would simply talk about the products and how they are literally anti-aging me with photos to prove it. And then I would see what happens.

*Note: Read why this type of business model has actually received great approval in THIS Forbes article.

Well just a few months later, with very little work, my team is growing (most of my team has come after me to sign up, not vice versa), and I'm making a nice amount of money!

And do you know why? Because people love the products. They are not some fancy designer creams; they are medicine based regimens created by the top dermatologists in the world who created Proactiv. Imagine years ago if you were offered a piece of the Proactiv business for just a few hundred dollars? With Rodan+Fields you have that exact opportunity right now. (For opportunity options click HERE) So much for being pushy and annoying, offering women the opportunity to have their own business and create financial independence on their own time is one of the greatest perks of being a Rodan+Fields consultant.

Some of my success also has to do with a technique I've been using that's based in The Law of Attraction. On the last day of every month I write down a list of goals I want to achieve in the next month and tape them to the side of my night table. I look at them before I go to bed and when I wake up, and with a little prayer and intention I usually accomplish my goals by the end of the month without much effort.  This list includes professional goals as well as personal ones. (Tip: try putting a realistic goal weight down on the paper and see what happens.)

Anyhow, on this month's paper I wrote down: "I am going to host a skincare party in Deal, NJ." Well I got busy with lots of personal stuff and never made any phone calls to achieve this goal. Then one day out of the blue, I got an email from my friend Stacey Gindi who wanted to try the Rodan+Fields products and offered to make a party in her home as a barter for one of the regimens. And voila, we scheduled the party for this Tuesday night, August 19!

So if you're anywhere near the Jersey shore this summer I'd love to see you Tuesday night and show you my skin up close and personal. I understand the sun loving woman's dilemma. We love the summer.  We love the sun. But we hate the sun damage and its aging effects. So come join us this Tuesday night and I will show you how to get rid of that sun damage and get that real youthful glow back!

Reverse is the regimen that got me hooked!

I'm so looking forward to seeing all of you who can make it, and sharing my skincare success story. See you Tuesday night at 7:30 at 7 Alba Lane, West Long Branch, NJ.

10% of sales will go to charity.

Watch this Fox Business clip featuring Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields themselves.

Shop Rodan+Fields products: www.fashionisha.myrandf.com.

Email me with any inquiries at ask.fashionisha@gmail.com

Until next time,



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  1. This looks really interesting, would come if I lived closer, enjoy xx

  2. If ever there was a poster girl for this product - you are it.