Couture for a Cause 2015

Friday, October 30, 2015

This past Tuesday was the much anticipated Couture for a Cause runway show to benefit Sharsheret. If you follow me or Couture for a Cause on social media, you've probably already seen a lot of the photos, but I felt it was worthy of a post here on the blog as well.
I originally got involved with Couture of a Cause when it was decided that the last event would benefit Renewal, the life saving organization that helps facilitate donors for people with kidney disease. Joan Rivers had gotten in touch with Renewal for a friend and I, being a kidney donor, had the opportunity to meet Joan and connect with Couture for a Cause.

Event design by Birch Event Design

Sharsheret helps women facing breast cancer.

Through that event I formed close bonds with Michal, Esther and Breezy, the co-chairs and founders of CFAC, and they asked me to once again be a part of the event this year. And for the first time, we initiated the CFAC InstaStyle Awards to celebrate and unite the wonderful fashion bloggers in our communities...the women that inspire us to chase our dreams, be bold, and look our best. 
CFAC Chair Michal Weinstein stuns in a custom Pink Label dress.

CFAC founder Esther Berg and Rachel Kairy of Pink Label flank Christian Siriano who was awarded the Designer of the Decade award.

CFAC co-chair Breezy Schwartz is a vision in this glamorous Pink Label gown.

When it came time to presenting the InstaStyle Award, I said a few words and I would love to share them here with you:

        "When we as women unite and put ourselves into the shoes of the brave women facing breast cancer, in their lives or the lives of their loved ones, we cannot be stopped. When women support each other and join resources, there literally is no limit to what we can accomplish! So thank you all!

And that is why it has been a great joy to unite these incredibly creative and stylish women together for our first ever CFAC InstaStyle Awards…an opportunity to give each one of our 13 inspiring bloggers a chance to shine both in their own right and united together.

Before we pick the winner I’d like to address the bloggers: Although we are presenting this award to only one of you tonight, please keep in mind that you are all shining stars…examples of empowered fearless women…role models that have pursued their dreams by beautifying and bettering the world though the creativity of your personal expression. Remember, through each of your unique callings, combined, we are now part of one collective and important group…we have a voice and we can make a difference. Let’s continue to inspire each other and all women with love and beauty."

Blogger Frumee Taubenfeld accepts this year's InstaStyle Award!

You  can watch the full show at Remember, combining your passion and the things you love with doing charitable actions is ALWAYS a recipe for happiness and success.

Have a wonderful Shabbos and a great weekend!



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