What's a Duro Olowu?

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Some of the most precious hidden gems in fashion are those from designers that are not all that well known. These vibrant, spirited looks from Duro Olowu's Spring 2016 collection caught my eye and are worth a peek; just for the fun eye candy and outfit inspiration they provide.

If you're looking for dress ideas that are a bold and out-of-box look no further.

Want to create similar looks? Pair a skirt of one print with a blouse of another and add two belts.  Throw a mini skirt of one print over a dress of another. Or really get bold and add a printed sleeveless top or vest over a contrasting blouse and pair with an even different skirt.

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Come on...life can get a little too serious sometimes (hello Monday). Let's go ahead and have some fashion fun.

Have a great day and just  be you in all of your colorful, imperfect glory!



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  1. These are fabulous and oh so artful, Sharon! Adore!
    I emailed you and am not sure if you received it or if it was the correct one, so if you have time contact me at artbykarenablog@gmail.com

    The Arts by Karena
    Artist Lesley Schiff

  2. These prints seem to take inspiration from my favorite artist Gustav Klimt! Gorgeous