On Jealousy, Competition and Selena's Fresh Style

Monday, October 19, 2015

Today I served on a panel at the JWE Conference for women entrepreneurs and spoke briefly about competition and jealously, which is something that I've personally seen eat way at some of my friends and peers. And here's (in the words of Oprah) what I know for sure

We need to STOP comparing ourselves to everyone else. We need to stop looking at what everyone seems to be getting...whether it be a job, money, love, followers on social media...whatever. We cannot see the entire picture! We need to keep our eyes focused on what we want and go get it by being our best selves. The only person we should be competing with is ourselves!

So how do we beat the green monster? We rebel against it by wishing our competitors success. When we send out love and positive energy to those we feel jealous of we are rising above pettiness and inviting love and positive energy back into our lives. People can feel it and will be attracted to us even more. 

There is enough success, money, and love for everyone. Feeling bad and jealous will just pull us down and keep us from being the best that we can be. So wish your competitors well and then soar to your success. Because as a good friend once told me, "No one can ever replace you, and it's you that your followers/customers want."

Next time you feel jealous or left out, stop and send that person a little love. Whisper "I wish you only success."

Try it and see what happens to your life.

Selena Gomez seems to have grown up and adopted a gorgeous sense of style in her own right.  Here are 5 fresh looks we love:

Look 1: Always Right in White

Shop this look:

Look 2: Wear a Coat is a Dress

Shop this look:

Look 3: Black Is The New Button Down

Look 4: Shades of Grey Are Nice not Naughty

Shop this look:

Look 5: A Leather Moto Brings Stars Down to Earth

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Which looks are you favorite and what do you think of Selena's style?

On a different note, I'm throwing a party and you're invited!

Please RSVP at ask.fashionisha@gmail.com for location and details.

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  1. Gorgeous Selena! Love her style. Great post Sharon and such a special message for everyone out there. XO


  2. Such beautiful thoughts Sharon and I thank you for sharing today!!
    Selena seems to be a mature and kind young woman!

    The Arts by Karena

  3. Great thoughts, Sharon. Kol hakavod for your beautiful blog and words of inspiration! :)

    I love Selena's grey look.


  4. What a powerful message. Grace and mercy are such lovely qualities

  5. Sharon,
    I have sent you an email when you have a chance to look at it!