Do These 10 Things To Add Sunshine To Your Life Today

Monday, June 27, 2016

Happy Monday! 

Let's be real though. 

Monday's are not always the happiest day of the week. Especially in the summer when the sunny weekends have a way of making us forget all we have to do  the minute Monday morning shows up.

Well this photo of Victoria Beckham, popping up in one of my recent emails, reminded me not only to step out of the doldrum outfit box and put on some sunny yellow sometimes, but also to remember some of the many ways to add sunshine to a seemingly blah day.

Here's my list of coordinating ways to wear that sunshine. Get out of that box and shine a little! (Need some yellow in your wardrobe? Shop my picks at the bottom of this post.)

1. Be grateful. Whenever you're feeling negative emotions, reverse your situation by thinking of the things you have to be grateful for. Try showing gratitude to anyone who is making you upset and watch your life change in a minute.

 2. Talk to G-d. When things don't seem to be going your way, take it as a personal message from G-d that He wants you to turn to Him. Knowing there's an infinite power out there who can do anything is very comforting. Your prayers send out a powerful energy that can really affect change.

 3. Show yourself some love. Are you the last person on your list of people to take care of? Well you need to change that. Know you are worthy of love and start to adore yourself today. When you love yourself, your love for others will be far more powerful.
 4. Be present. Sometimes you need to just stop and relish in this beautiful moment. You are only alive for one second at a time, so you may as well really enjoy the here and now by letting go of regret and worry.
 5. Take one step at a time towards your dreams. If you are feeling overwhelmed, hopeless, or left behind, realize that you need to only do one thing towards your goal to get you to the next step. Forget about where everyone else is and trust in the journey of your life.
 6. Accessorize. By adding one or two fun accessories, you will elevate even the simplest outfit and make it your own. Accessories are like little magic fairies that bring joy to your day.
 7. Get silly. When life gets intense, try to find some humor in it all. Always try to include something fun and frivolous in your day. Laughter truly is the best medicine.
 8. Show your true colors. The easiest person to lie to is yourself, but it will always come back to bite you. Just be yourself already! Your uniqueness is what makes you special and it's why you're alive, and what the world needs, not some imitation of someone else. Whoever doesn't accept you is not worthy of your greatness.
 9. Look forwards not backwards. The past is over and you can never get it back. But the rest of your life is like a fresh new notebook, and right now is the first clean page. Remember that you can write your own story starting from this very moment.
10. Spread the sunshine. Say hello to someone who looks lonely, give out free compliments, ask someone how their day is going, buy a homeless person a coffee, say thank you to anyone that does a service for you. Love and kindness are like flames; when a new fire is lit, it only makes your flame glow brighter.

Shop some sunny picks below:

What's your favorite way to add sunshine to your day (and wardrobe)?

Until next time, sending sunny wishes of love and joy to you all!



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  1. I love yellow!

  2. Thank you, thank you for this!! It's so good to be reminded that we have the choice to walk on the sunny side of life.

  3. Can I ask a question? Are heels allowed for Orthodox Jewish women to wear? I never thought that maybe they would not so I sometimes wear them. Sorry for my curiosity but I did not grow up in a Jewish home and am now trying to figure all this out for myself.תודה רבה

  4. What a beautiful post! I love the posts that are part fashion and part inspiration/encouragement. Been following your blog for years. Many blessings!

  5. Lovely post :)Yellow is my fav color and it makes me really happy :) And your tips for life are great. Thank you :)