Introducing Lime Green Paperie and how it's easy being green

Thursday, July 14, 2016

If you remember, I had mentioned that I wanted to start infusing some spirituality and Torah into some of my posts. In last week's Parsha we learned that Korach's downfall stemmed from that annoying green monster called jealousy.

Jealousy has been around since the beginning of time, and we all experiences it. But feeling jealous doesn't make us bad people...or more flawed than any other human. It's how we react that will either elevate us and bring us closer to people, or alternately, destroy us and the people around us.

You can read my previous post on jealousy, or watch my YouTube video (an oldie but goodie), but overcoming jealously, ultimately breaks down to two simple (but not so easy) steps:

1. Have faith.

2. Love.

First have faith that you have exactly what you need in your life right at this moment, and believe there is enough of what you want for everyone. And then, send the person you are jealous of a LOT of love. Wish them well and even more success!

For me, that feeling of rising above and being better than a damaging emotion feels so empowering, it gives me the confidence to know I deserve good things. And then I can focus on getting out there and doing what I need to do without looking at anything or anyone else.

Sending love to someone you feel doesn't deserve it is the only sure way to kill the green monster. It may register as counterintuitive, but even if it feels fake in the beginning, try it!

But, I do find it quite ironic that green is the color associated with jealousy. Green is one of the most accommodating colors out there. It literally 'gets along' and looks amazing with every other color. It's also the color of nature, growth, health, and life.

So when I happened upon my friend Stacey Gindi's (of @sgindidesignstudio) latest Instagram page @limegreenpaperie, featuring her new line of custom, affordable invitations, I fell in love with her creative green inspired posts. The idea of a cheery summer blog featuring the beauty of green and overcoming jealousy was born.

Lime Green Paperie is a line of invitations sold at various retail locations in New York and New Jersey, and includes custom styles for all occasions, including weddings, bridal showers, bar/bat mitzvahs, and corporate events that fill the need for affordable and customized invitations for special events. 

Besides for being an extremely talented graphic artist, Stacey, whom I met years ago in a painting class, is also a perfect example of those character traits that overcome jealousy. She's a genuine, spiritual, empowered woman, who took her artistic talents and created her own blooming business!

And now that she's expanded into the invitation world, I have no doubt that her talents will bring beauty and joy to so many during their time of celebration.

Use exclusive code 'Fashionisha' to get $50 off 500 invitations. Coupon good at any retail location or by contacting Stacey directly at

Enter to WIN 100 free thank you notes at the bottom of this post, or visit @Fashionisha or @limegreenpaperie to enter on Instagram.

Stacey is currently looking to expand her Lime Green Paperie distributorship into other communities, so if you're a retailer who's interested in carrying her line, email

Visit Lime Green Paperie on Instagram or at to enjoy a sampling of her invitations like this adorable one...

...and lots of gorgeous lime inspired images like these:

And remember, don't get mad. Don't get even. Rise above, send love, and then it's easy being green!

Until next time,



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