The One Thing You Need Before Pesach

Monday, March 20, 2017

Hey guys!

It's been a while since I posted here, and today I'm so proud to be back, writing about the ONE product you need before Pesach. That is, of course, if you haven't already picked it up for yourself.

I'm talking about the new BANDit fall that attaches easily and directly to your head with a velcro headband, and can be worn under ANY hat comfortably, and without the bulk of a wig or a full fall. I would say it's probably one of the best inventions for us hair covering gals...and even for anyone who ever experienced a bad hair day.

BANDit is a new, family company with a passion for making women feel beautiful and fashionable. A few weeks ago I met up with the dynamic father/daughter team behind BANDit Wigs and we chatted all about their new business. Here they answer some of our questions about what makes BANDit so amazing:

In your opinion, what make the BANDit fall so unique and special?

Well, many women with larger or smaller heads have trouble with hats fitting properly. BANDit fits every head under any hat with ease. With our patent-pending ergonomic design every woman can be a BANDit woman. To design the BANDit, many samples were produced over a one-year period. With each adjustment, the hair quality, fit and ease of use were perfected. The BANDit is designed with specially placed darts to wrap around the curve of your head for a close fit, yet with softness and comfort.

Tell us about the hair!

BANDit is made with the highest grade European quality hair that can be colored or highlighted to your unique specifications, set with waves, curls, or beach-waves, or worn silky straight. We also offer a curly hair version for a naturally curly look.

 BANDit is made with 150% density and double drawn hair, which provides the BANDit with full thick coverage in any position. You can bring the hair forward and still have great coverage over the back of your head and from ear to ear. BANDit is designed to make every woman look and feel beautiful.

With Pesach coming, a lot of us will be traveling. I would think that BANDit is great for travel. Can you give us some tips?

We love BANDit for travel, because you can easily wash your BANDit and let it air dry for a beautiful silky-straight look. Want to add some pizzazz? You can wash your BANDIt and put in braid it while it dries for a wavy or curly ‘do. And BANDit can be worn with any soft or hard hat.

Do you offer any other products?

BANGit attachments are available for an alternate look with certain hats. It is literally a snap to use—just snap it onto your BANDit for a fresh new look. BANGit can be worn as short or long front bang. Or it can be used to cover the whole in the back of your baseball caps! BANGit is sold separately.

What are your goals for the future of BANDit?

We are so excited to have just joined the fashion scene with a lineup including two licensed cosmetologists and hair color specialists, a social media marketing team, and senior sales representatives. Our goal is to establish reputable BANDit vendors in cities with a frum community so it is readily available to all.

WE love our BANDit and we know it will become your go-to wig alternative!

Well, I for one am so glad I met you guys and LOVE my BANDit!

Learn more about BANDit at where you can view videos on how to put on your Bandit, how to wash a BANDit, and how to attach a BANGit.

 If you are interested in purchasing your own BANDit, please visit or call/text us at 516-259-0805.

Let me know what you think about the BANDit wig!

Until next time,



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