7 Ways To Wear The Same Thing Every Day, Yet Never Look The Same

Monday, April 24, 2017

Hey guys! 

It's been a very weird winter for me. 

Actually I could tell it a different way, but I'd rather stay light and positive. Let's just say, sometimes major 'life energy leaks' happen that are out of our control, and life as you previously knew it stops. 

I really tried, but looking back, I see that I hid my self, went into hibernation mode. and stayed off the playing field.  I pretty much did NOT get up, dress up, and show up. I mostly stayed down, wore the same thing every day, and stayed in.

It's all good, because like a caterpillar who crawls into her cocoon, I obviously needed this time as a catalyst for a lifestyle metamorphosis!

Today I'm back at blogging (phew!). And...(drumroll, please)...I've finally committed to one of my dreams: I'm writing a book! 

As it says in Pirkei Avos: If not now? When? And if I'm not for myself, then who will be?

I'd like to publicly thank my bestie, Margalit for our recent powerful recharge session at Starbucks, where I literally burst into tears, as I felt like my dying battery was finally being plugged into an outlet. Aah the power of positive girlfriends!

I'd also like to thank my new bestie (she just doesn't know it yet), Melissa Ambrosini, who's book literally reached out and found me, as I gave myself the space to allow for inspiration and creativity while perusing the aisles of Barnes and Noble last Friday.  Melissa's 'Mastering You Mean Girl' was an immediate life changer for me. (See my Instagram for full story.)

On a different note, as I look through photos of myself, I see that thankfully, I never really lost my style. Even with my daily black skirt/black shirt uniform, I was still able to pull off looking half decent :)

Which leads to this particular post: How to wear the same thing every day, yet never look the same.

When, this past winter, I pretty much replaced my workouts with naps, and ate loads of crap (in between trying to eat healthy, and posting it, of course), the only pieces I felt decent in were my cozy black leggings, my magical black stretchy skirt and my beloved black kiki riki tee shirts. I call these pieces magical and beloved because, well, if you want to deceive yourself into thinking you're a shapely goddess with a rocking metabolism while shoving fried chicken wings down your throat, just wear unconstricted black. (See my Instagram for full weight gain story.)

There were days (many!) when that's literally all I wore. And then there were other days when...yup...that's literally all I wore...plus a cute sweater or jacket, a cool pair of boots or shoes, and perhaps some fun accessories. 

And that my dears, is the very simple secret of wearing the same thing everyday and never looking the same. Or should I say, hardly ever.

Here are the complete instructions:

1. Start off with the basics that you love and can't live without. You probably already own them!  They're the pieces you can go from day to night in. (By that I mean you can fall into bed and go to sleep in them without changing into pjs...trust me I've done it a bazillion times.) But if you don't, you can shop my selection of cozy, beloved, and magical black leggings, skirts and tops at the bottom of this post.

2. Throw on a statement jacket. Try sequins, fur, or denim with patchwork...anything that makes it look like you actually thought about what you were going to wear.
3. When it's time to go out, DO NOT change your basics, just replace your jacket with a fabulous oversized top and a pair of awesome heels. The less energy you expend the better, and the bigger the top, the more room for pretending to be on a diet and then eating whatever you want anyway.
4. For those rare days you want to feel "WOW," you can switch up your magical skirt for leather and add some gold touches. Boom! There you are: A street style icon!
5. When it's freezing and you want to celebrate actually getting out of bed, throw on your biggest, coziest sweater, and add some chic fingerless gloves so when you sip your mocha latte you look uber cool. (Tip: Order a sugar free green tea to balance out the sugar and dairy in your latte.)
6. This outfit formula is also perfect if you work in fashion. You will always have a blank canvas for whatever you may need to try on.
7. And when the creative urge strikes, keep mixing, matching, and layering. It all works when you don't care all that much!



Or try Esteez.com, From Head to Hose, or M. Jay Cohen for basic skirts.

Tops and leggings: 

Hope you enjoyed this post! Please leave a comment below or email me at ask.fashionisha@gmail.com just to say hi and let me me know what you'd like to see more of up here on the blog.

With loads of love...


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  1. Hi Sharon

    I loved this post because it's so recognizable.
    Your style rocks and so will your book !
    Wishing you much creativity and connection to the muse while writing :-)

    Shifra ( from Belgium )