Friday Food and Favorites: Sweet and Bittersweet with a Touch of Lace and Chocolate

Friday, June 27, 2014

I was recenlty contacted by Mia from Shari's Berries to participate in their "Sweet Something" project. I agreed to create a post using a sweet theme. It could be a sweet story, or anything to do with sweetness at all. As I wracked my brain for creative ideas, lots of of things came to mind...sweet stories of selfless acts of charity, ideas about sweet desserts, sweet party themes, and of course the precious moments when I get to spend time with my grandson who lives 800 miles away...which constantly kept revisiting the forefront of my mind when I thought of this theme. For he is just the sweetest baby in the world.

But then I decided to simply sweeten up a 'Friday Food and Favorites' post with what is one of the sweetest elements in fashion: Lace. It's just so beautiful and on trend at the moment. And truth be told, life doesn't always promise sweetness. Wearing something lacy and beautiful can add just that touch of pleasantness to make us feel a little bit brighter.
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But even the most bitter moments happen for a reason, and unpleasantries can be a spring board for growth.  I prefer to consider some of those moments bittersweet rather than bitter. Because, as with everything, we have a choice to view things in either a positive or negative light. And sometimes they are just both, which makes those moments all the more intense and alive.

This reminds me a bit about some of my favorite flavors as well. The best foods out there have complex elements of both bitter and sweet.  Take chocolate; everyone loves chocolate. It's intense...just like life can be.

Here's a simple recipe for a decadent chocolate mousse created from just bittersweet chocolate, water, and a little fleur de sel. It's rich and deep, and melds layers of sweetness, bitterness, and a touch of salty all together.  Just like some of the best moments of life...i.e. spending precious time with my children and grandson while knowing we will have to say good bye...pass the chocolate mousse please!
Click HERE or on photo for recipe.

Have a SWEET weekend!

Until next time,



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  1. wonderful inspiration dear!
    happy weekend!


  2. This was wonderful...I love lace and chocolate. I like how you related them to life. Gorgeous post, love the picture of you and your grandson, so sweet :))) Have a wonderful weekend xx

  3. Big thanks for the reminder on how much these 2 things always cheer me up! I love the Chanel (always) and the shoes!! And such a great photo of you and your sweetie grandson!!

  4. Love your analogy between life and chocolate. So true!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  5. Your Grandson is adorable - great picture of the two of you.

    Chocolate and lace...... two of my favourites.