The 4 step Chloe Formula that will take you from summer to fall

Monday, August 15, 2016

If I could choose the fashion type that calls to me the most these days, she would be a Chloe girl. She's effortlessly chic, feels a bit boho, and looks way too comfortable for being so exquisitely elegant.

While perusing some of the Chloe and See by Chloe Resort and Fall looks, I came up with a formula for achieving the Chloe vibe, so that instead of breaking the bank and actually shopping Chloe, we can use our well trained fashion sense to pick out just the right pieces and make them our own. And then there's always Zara, the store that churns out so many Chloe look-a-likes for a fraction of the designer prices.

So here's the Chloe formula as I see it: 

1. Go for ruffles and flowy silhouettes: Let the hippie in you free and let go of fashion restriction! 'Tis the season for sashaying around in the most beautiful dresses. They can be worn to the beach or while enjoying our yummy Shabbos meals. Fashion should feel delicious!

2. Layer it up: I love that it's ok to slip a button down under an elegant strapless dress or a chunky, textured sweater under a sundress. It allows for so much creativity within our wardrobes and gives a fun, tongue-in-cheek quality to dressing modestly.

3. Add a wide embellished belt or a pretty bow at the neck: With all of this flowy-ness, a belt or a bow will lend a bit of definition. It gives the sense that we have, in fact, made a small effort and put some thought into our final look. But just a little.

4. Your footwear should be even more effortless: The days of running out in your slippers and feeling mortified when you run into anyone you know are over! Now you will be the epitome of chic. I'm so relieved that comfort is in. Aren't you? My heels, patiently waiting in their dust bags, will be there when I'm ready.

If you use this formula, I guarantee you'll joyfully sashay into the next season with effortless elegance.
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Do you also identify with the Chloe girl? Which of these looks are your favorites?

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